“I had a great experience with TravelingHope and would recommend Sam to anyone who’s considering getting a 3D ultrasound. She encouraged us to bring our other kids (unlike any previous ultrasound I’ve ever had) so it was priceless experience we got to share as a family! The images were clear and Sam was very thorough. Would definitely recommend over and over!” 
– Jasmine
“At 32 weeks we were so excited to be able to see our little sweetheart in more detail with Sam at travelinghope4d. She made us feel very comfortable and she spent the time with us getting the perfect images and videos. In one of our videos we even got to see her tongue coming in and out of her mouth. She is now two weeks old and she still does the tongue thing. It was so comforting to see her sweet little face and to be able to recognize her when she was born. Sam was very professional and we highly recommend travelinghope4d!”
– Hayley

“For any newly expecting parents out there if you are looking for a really cool experience check out Traveling Hope. Sam will come to your house and do a live ultrasound in front of friends and family. We had the opportunity to do this last night and it was a very memorable experience for everyone involved!!”

– Jenni
“Had such an amazing experience tonight with our live gender reveal! Thank you so much Sam for an unforgettable experience! It was so much fun being surrounded by our family and friends tonight finding out the sex of the twins! So grateful for my other big surprise, my sisters are the best!”
– Jacie

“I just had an anytime check done by traveling hope and could now have been more pleased! I have had a lot of anxiety this pregnancy and she put my mind at ease. Having a chance to see our baby and know it was okay was an opportunity I did not get with my other children. I will definitely be using her services in the future!”

– Paige